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PageantSystem is an application that makes it easier for directors to manage pageants, and for contestants to participate in them. We have automated and simplified the most time consuming tasks, including the processing, tracking, and reporting of contestant registrations, purchases, refunds, discounts, forms, requirements, and communications. As a contestant, once you register for a pageant you can easily make any additional purchases, fill out and submit forms, see deadlines at a glance, and view your transaction history all from your personal and private dashboard.

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Directors Features

Built Just For Pageantry PageantSystem is a SaaS pageant management platform on the cloud, built specifically for you to save you time… a lot of time.

Start Using PageantSystem Anytime You can start using PageantSystem no matter where you are in your recruiting season by adding your contestants and entering the purchases and payments they have made so far.

Dashboard Access each pageant's participation stats, revenues, requirements, and contestant data at-a-glance, in real-time, and on one dashboard.

Contestant Qualification Criteria You have the option to set contestant qualification requirements for any of your pageants, e.g. - when a contestant must win a state pageant to qualify for a national pageant.

Application/Application Fee If you have an application fee and/or application form, you can set a minimum first payment amount for the contestant's registration and link a contestant application form to pageant registration.

Contestant Requirements Set contestant requirements based on a contestant registering for your pageant, making a particular purchase, or pretty much anything else you like; the requirements you set are automatically sync'd to the applicable contestants and their dashboard. Plus, they are sent a notification for any new requirements.

Partial Payments Pick and choose what you want to allow partial payments on, including; registrations, optionals, overalls, or any other item you offer for sale.

Update Contestant Transactions If a transaction occurs outside of PageantSystem, don't worry. You can manually enter any contestant registration, purchase, or payment using the "Update Contestant" button from your dashboard.

Discounts Create discounts and discount codes to give to contestants or guest purchasers. We make it easy to create different types of discounts and to control the use of those discounts as well as what types of purchases they apply to.

Contestant Summaries View and print preconfigured contestant summaries that condense each contestant's registration details, purchases, and amounts or additional purchases and forms still owed. You can conveniently filter and find any or all of your contestant's summaries, and print separate summaries for each contestant or download a csv file with all of your contestant data.

Messaging Quickly and easily send messages to the contestants of each pageant. You can also choose to only send your message to contestant's that are registered for specific age divisions, optional competitions, or overall competitions.

Support/FAQ's PageantSystem Support is always here to help with anything you need. Plus, our "Help" section supplies you with detailed answers Frequently Asked Questions.
Scalable PageantSystem is a SaaS pageant management platform on the cloud, built specifically for you to save you time… a lot of time.

Link Your Website To PageantSystem Easily link your website's "Sign Up" or "Registration" button to your pageant's PageantSystem event page by using the PageantSystem URL for that pageant's event page.

Age Divisions When you create your pageants you will also create each age division (and optionals/overalls, if applicable). When needed, you can use the age division override function to make exceptions to a contestant's age division.

Contestant Registrations Each pageant's event pages allows contestants to register and make purchases based on what is available to their specific age division, so there's no clutter with competitions or items for sale that do not apply to them.

Contestant Registration Pricing Options You have the option to create a flat price per contestant registration or different registration price per age division.

Sales Items You can sell, and automatically track sales and inventory of, any type of item you like, including; registrations, optionals, overalls, tickets, ad pages, sponsorships, merchandise, and more. You can even choose who has access to make the purchase, or who is required to make the purchase.

Alerts Receive detailed email alerts each time a new contestant registers for a pageant, as well as each time a contestant makes a purchase.

Transaction History/Refunds Filter, search, print, download, and access supremely detailed transaction records with 1-to-1 matching Paypal transaction ID's, plus the ability to refund any registration, purchase, or payment, right from within PageantSystem.

Forms Automate every aspect of your contestant forms. You can create custom electronic forms or attach existing forms. Contestants can also attach completed forms or a multitude of image, text, and audio file types to meet your form's requirements. You can easily filter, search, view, and print complete or incomplete forms and attachments.

Reminders Send a reminder to any or all of your contestants for your choice of any or all things still due from the contestant, in a matter of seconds… And each reminder only includes those items the contestant still owes.

Recruit Directors Search for and recruit new directors directly from a pool of interested applicants based on geographic location.

Contestants Features

Registration Register for the pageants you want to compete in.

Payments Make partial payments on any registration or purchase for which partial payments are allowed.

Dashboard Manage all of your pageants from a single dashboard that sync's automatically to each of your pageant directors.

Fill out and submit forms electronically

Sell Sell tickets, ad pages, or other items right from your dashboard and have those sales count toward any of your own requirements when purchasers use your contestant referral code at checkout
Purchases Purchase any optional competition, overall competition, or other item available or required by the pageants you have registered for.

Receipts Receive electronic receipts for every transaction.

Transaction History Access your detailed transaction history anytime you need it

Reminders Receive reminders from your pageant directors for any items still due

Support PageantSystem Support is always here to help with anything you need. Plus, our "Help" section supplies you with detailed answers Frequently Asked Questions.

Pricing Features

Pricing Pageant registrants pay a $10 processing fee per pageant registration. No contracts and users can start or stop at anytime.